Reseting Visual Studio 2005 Experimental Hive

Upon installation of the Visual Studio SDK, a clone of the existing Visual Studio registry is created for use as the default experimental hive.

When developing applications and/or integrations for Visual Studio 2005 with the Visual Studio 2005 SDK, for example using the DSL Tools, the testing and debugging is done using a Visual Studio Instance that are running with a special registry hive, instead of the normal so you don’t mess up your normal Visual Studio operations.

So when you latelly add new add-ons to VS 2005 like the ones for Team Foundation Server they are not automatically registered under the experimental hive. To make sure that experimental hive uses all the recent settings of VS 2005 we need to do a reset to this special instance.

Reseting the experimental hive is done from the VS 2005 SDK.

Here is the command line:”C:\Program Files\Visual Studio 2005 SDK\2007.02\VisualStudioIntegration\Tools\Bin\VsRegEx.exe” GetOrig 8.0 Exp


2 thoughts on “Reseting Visual Studio 2005 Experimental Hive

  1. Mark says:

    My DSL projects have been complaining about add-ins missing ( project type is not supported by this installation)

    This sorted it out, Thanks!!

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