More Common Acropolis Questions… By Brad Abrams

When are you shipping Acropolis?
As soon as it is ready 😉 Seriously, we are very early in the cycle here, we came out at Teched to get some early feedback and find out if we are going in the right direction. Acropolis will NOT ship with Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5… Rather it will ship as an “option pack” style release that works super well with your Visual Studio 2008. Later we fully expect to fold in Acropolis into the next major release of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.

Does Acropolis support WinForms?
Yes. While the UI aspects of acropolis (the themes, shell and transitions) are all built using WPF the base component model is UI tier agnostic. We believe it will be common to have “Parts” with “Views” in WinForms for example… Check out the RSSEagle example for more details on this. Further, it is certainly possible to build a full shell in WinForms…. If anyone is interested in working on a WinForms shell for acropolis let me know, we’d be happy to help!

By Brad Abrams – .Net Framework Team


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