Hi, my name you already know…
I live in Braga, Portugal.
I have a degree in Computer Science and Systems Engineering by Minho University in Portugal.
I’m a Microsoft Certified Solution Devoloper (MCSD) for Microsoft .Net since Nov 2006

Here’s my email, if you need to contact me.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. john barthz says:

    You said after applying logon info to report we can save that and next time when we invoke it will be faster..
    But I ‘ve one issue… how you will identify that this rpt file is first time invoked or second time… based on this only we can put logic to skip all those logon code stuff through each and evryr tables, supreports, procedures..
    Any ideas…

  2. john barthz says:

    Can any one suggest caz its very urgent for me..

  3. Rui Silva says:

    You can save the report everytime after setting the logon info and it will run much faster after the first time execution.

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